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Client Testimonial Feedback

This is what clients are saying about NW Senior Living, LLC

“Karrie consistently went the extra mile for us”.  She is an excellent listener and spent time getting to know my folks before she started to actively look for places for them to live. Karrie succeeded in finding great places for both Mom & Dad.  In addition to finding great providers, she even looked closely at whom the other residents were, in order to assure maximum compatibility for each of my folks.

I can’t imagine scenarios that would have worked out better for both of my parents.  In my Mom’s case, she was very reluctant to leave her apartment, even though she was at considerable risk of falling. 
The process took several months and required a lot of patience all around.  Physically, Mom feels better, eats better and drinks more.  Mentally, she has come out of her shell and has a full range of daily interactions with a number of people.  It’s a wonderful thing to see.  Previously, Mom was reluctant to have guests; now she welcomes them.  In addition, her doctor makes house calls, to see her and to other residents.

There are a large number of adult family homes on the Eastside and it would have been a huge undertaking to find a suitable residence without Karrie’s knowledge of highly qualified providers.  
For both Mom and Dad, adult family homes have proven to be an excellent alternative to traditional nursing home care.

David Peckarsky, Mercer Island, WA

“The highest compliment that you can pay is to refer to our trusted agency to those families, friends & elderly neighbors in need of guidance”

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