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Owner Bio 

I am a native Washingtonian and grew up in West Seattle; Living on the Eastside, I love the diversity and living in the Pacific Northwest! My background includes over 15 years of public service working for the City of Seattle assisting many Senior Adults Programs. I became one of the first elder care advisor placement professionals for a local Washington senior resource publication to expand their referral placement services in 2005. In 2007 NW Senior Living, LLC was formed to continue my public service assisting seniors & their families to help to identify their best housing & care options. For over a decade, I aligned closely with a team of health care professional nurses, physical, occupational, speech therapy and the Director of Social Services at a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Facility in Bellevue assisting families faced with discharge planning. The importance of being present for families during care conferences in support of the placement process is always empowering for families. Educational candid conversations with their aging loved one present, deems emotionally productive. With so many different family dynamics, the understanding of the next steps in proceeding together in confidence to provide safety and quality of life for their aging loved ones next chapter.

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Karrie L. Trengove

Vision Statement

As an Elder Care Housing Specialist, I have assisted hundreds of families faced with the challenges associated with aging. My passion is interacting with seniors and their adult children to help identify and apply an effective plan of action according to their unique needs. Facilitating the initial dialogue as a third party professional is so helpful to bridge that gap for families and their aging loved ones. My focus is to respond with compassion and efficiently to implement solutions to pinpoint appropriate supportive housing and care options for the elder population I serve. My respect for the frail and vulnerable elder adults comes from a very young age in my life. Every person comes with different physical and emotional needs, every family dynamic requires close attention. We understand what is entailed to find the right place for folks when living at home is no longer feasible or becomes unsafe. The transition and outcome is often a sense of relief once acclimated to supportive housing.

A generation facing healthcare challenges, my vocation through each transition I take very seriously as if it was my own family member in need. This will never waiver with each unique case or fiduciaries I assist through the process.  When faced with a crisis many are overwhelmed, so my goal is to take the stress out of the equation through the guidance I provide. Helping narrow the scope in a timely manner, it’s a vocation with personal insight and years of placement experience with positive family feedback from 2005 to present. As a standard practice, NW Senior Living, LLC continues to pre-screen facilities and care providers holding an extremely high standard. 

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